Las Vegas composer Jay Yaskin is ready to take on your project. If you're in the market for a film composer for your movie, a game composer for your new video game, or any other Las Vegas music composition, then you're in the right place. Jay is a man of many genres and unrivaled skill. Las Vegas film scoring and general composition is at your fingertips. Just listen to what the clients are saying:

"Jay has gotten really good at working with tracks and pulling a very strong emotional feel from them" - Deia Vengen (DragonAvenger)
"He immediately sensed the kind of sound I was going for and his delivery was extremely quick" - Jason Gallaty (Theophany)
"Jay has a lot of ideas, in a lot of different genres" - David Lloyd (djpretzel)
"You do justice to an epic tune, and even more impressive, show some pretty fantastic range while doing so" - DimeTower
"Jay's musicianship and ability to see the big picture is excellent, but what really sets him apart is his impeccable professionalism and enthusiasm" - Andrew Luers (OA)
"I couldn't have done any of this without Jay, as he definitely took all the ideas I wanted to implement and ran with them while adding a ton all his own" - Stevo Bortz (Level 99)

"Jay's music is always thoughtful, inventive, and highly attractive. Like a lot of great music, it isn't easily "boxed" but it's always worth listening to and enjoying and it's attracting a growing and enthusiastic audience." - Mike Linton (Composition MTSU)
So if you're wondering Who can score my film in Las Vegas?, or are looking to expand your repertoire of Las Vegas film composers or Las Vegas game composers, you're in the right place. Not only is Audio Fidelity a great resource for mixing in Las Vegas and Mastering in Las Vegas, but if you need high caliber original music, think Audio fidelity composer. And get the score you need for your next project done right.





Music composition by Jay Yaskin


Music is my passion and I enjoy making it in and between many different styles. My services are open for writing and collaborating for media (film, video game, interactive) or performance (liberal or commercial art) music. I also have a creative desire to make original concert music as well as dance music. I work in many different worlds of music from notating scores, jamming out, midi sequencing, remix/arranging, heavy audio editing, mixing creatively, to polishing the finished master. If you have a project, hire me and together we can make music.

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Film / Theatrical


I can write original music to sync with your video production. Here's a loop based score for a school assignment, put together on the fly, that matches all the important hitpoints of the action.


Composition via piano Sheet music composition Composition via guitar