Jay Yaskin ~ Audio Fidelty Productions. If you're in Las Vegas and need some good mixing/mastering for your audio project, contact Jay Yaskin, aka Audio Fidelity. Both a Las Vegas post production engineer and a Las Vegas music composer, his studio has what you need. Whether you're working on an album, a game, or some other project, check out Audio Fidelity Productions for audio post in Las Vegas. So if you're wondering any of the following:

Where can I get my album mastered in Las Vegas?
Where can I get my album produced in Las Vegas?
Where can I record my band in Las Vegas?

Then you're in the right place. Audio Fidelity post production is on the cusp of your Las Vegas album mixing music resources. Just listen to what a few of our clients are saying:

"Jay is a mixing ninja executing mix sessions with intellect and speed. The result is a product that highlights the emotional contour of what I wanted the song to be. Jay made my music sound great and at home with my other favorite artists in the iTunes store." - Joe Williams (The Orion Lion)

"Jay did an amazing job with our album the architect. We talked with him about what we were looking for. Not only did he deliver, he went above and beyond what we expected." - Miles Lanham (MYNAS)

"The projects that you give Jay to work on come back sounding better, and more professional than they did when you dropped them off. What else could you ask for? The fact that he is easy to get along with, and passionate about what he does is just an added bonus." - Marcus Vaughn (MarcusVaughnMusic)

In terms of music studios in Las Vegas, Audio Fidelity mixing will get you a final product you can be proud of. A rock album, a video game score, a classical compilation, whatever your needs, this Las Vegas recording house stands alone. Check out Audio Fidelity post production for a one-of-a-kind Las Vegas audio engineer, ready to take your music project to the next level.

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Welcome to my sound portal. Here you can explore the work I do out of my project studio in Las Vegas as a composer, producer, mixing/mastering engineer, and audio post engineer. If you have a project you think that I can be of assistance with, contact me.
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